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Mid Week Worship


Mondays  17.30    Prayer meeting   Willesborough Church.  A small group of people praying for the world, the work of our church and each other.   Everyone welcome.


Wednesday 9.30 am Book of Common Prayer Communion at Willesborough Church



Waiting on God in the Silence

Contemplative prayer: the prayer of silence; the prayer of the heart- has always been part of Christianity. The bible tells us that jesus spent whole nights alone in prayer and we know the Desert Fathers and Celtic hermits sought places to be alone with God.  But for some centuries thus most basic form of prayer was negleted and practised mainly in monastic communities. That is until the 1970's when a group of people set up contemplative prayer groups known as Julian Meetings after the fourteenth century mystic Julian of Norwich.  The purpose of the meeting is defined as 'fostering the practice and teaching of contemplative prayer within the Christian tradition' , and takes the form of sitting together, hearing a short reading or piece of music which leads us into a time of silent prayer, usually thirty minutes. There may be a cross, candle or other image to focus on as we seek to listen for God, to be aware of His presence and remain silently, open to Him.    However, prayerful silence is rarely easy and meeting with others can give help and encouragement.   Julian meetings value simplicity and there are no hard and fast rules as to how such groups should run other than focus to be on Christ-centred contemplative prayer, and open to everyone.

For more details speake to Rev. Dawn Stamper  or the Church office.




Saturday Morning Prayer 9.30am at St. Mary's Willesborough